Knights of Ren Podcast

It is a huge honor to be a part of this podcast. Rick & I have been gaming together for over 20 years and to work with him, Sugi, & Nick on this show, is just amazing. Below are links to the episodes. If you haven't checked us out... you should


403 -  Let The Past Die. Kill It, If You Have To

Last weekend we saw four premiere events across the world and a lot of decks made their way into the top 8 cut of each tournament. We discuss the winning decks, what to do about them in your local meta and what this means for Destiny as we get closer to an errata. FFG also announced the fourth set, Legacies and we dive into the article with a new die type, power actions, plots and the spoiled cards from the article.


402 - I Rule The Empire Now

Lukas Litszinger is leaving FFG for Wizards of the Coast and what does that mean for Star Wars Destiny? We also talk about tier lists and what they really mean for the players and community. The we talk about what decks you should expect to see played before the FFG errata and how to play with or against them.


401 - Hi, I'm Matt. I'm a Radar Technician

It has been one year since we started and this week we answer questions from the Year One Twitch chat about the last year of Destiny, memorable moments, changes we would make and our plans for the next year. Then we discuss decks we are playing in our local stores and answer a question about what will it take to move past the rainbow 9's and Poe/maz meta.